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Purely for my own information, I am indexing the posts on this blog; it is just so that I do not repeat myself too often and /or need to search thru the posts.

The design of the novel will be maintained by yWriter5, which after a short test run I have registered by making a donation to the author. It does seem to be a great tool but I am also speaking to "my public" thru the blog and want to keep track for myself of what I am saying.

  1. My First Novel, 15 word description - stage 1 of Snowflake method
  2. SF stage 2 mentioned; working title appears
  3. Pause for thought; initial review of software tools
  4. Another look at yWriter5 with screen shots; Title shortened to Encounter with FEAR
  5. A step back to reaffirm the design
  6. The beginning of an outline
  7. First draft of "the magical mishap"
  8. Progress after 2 weeks
  9. The Room Of Magic
  10. Research
  11. My first scene with dialogue
  12. A Fantasy Language
  13. Reading aloud when reviewing/editing
  14. Seeds of doubt: the writers enemy
  15. Envisioning locations

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